About us

We, Lefteris and Joanne, took over Athina Apartments from Lefteris’ parents in 2004 so that they could concentrate on their farm.  The building was originally Lefteris mother’s family home which she modified in to a business renting to visitors to the island during the summer months.  For many years the apartments were let through a tourist agency in the town but in 2003 a decision was made to renovate the apartments and run them ourselves.  We are immensely fond of Spetses and of our business, during the course of running Athina Apartments we have met a great many wonderful people from all over the world which makes working in this industry a pleasure.

We endeavour to run our business in an environmentally friendly way and recycle/reuse/upcycle where ever possible. All supplies and services that we use are locally sourced as far as possible. We provide reuseable grocery bags in each apartment to limit the use of plastic bags , a bin is provided for paper, glass, plastic and metal now that there are facilities on Spetses to recycle these items. Low energy bulbs are used throughout the premises and rechargeable batteries are used whenever possible. The water is heated by solar panels during the day, it is only heated by electricity when necessary.